We are All Star Slots, an award winning online casino operating in many regions across the world. We are a socially conscious company and have a charity fund pool which we build up throughout the year through staff fund raising events as well as from contributions from our generous owner. In 2015 we raised $5750 for the fund and want to use it to counter the bad reputation which casinos and gambling have by awarding it to a charitable cause.

Two hands over the world

We firmly believe that gambling is an entertainment that should be enjoyed responsibly and all our casino games can be played for free as well as for real money. As a dedicated proponent of responsible gambling we have a number of tools by which players can limit and control how much they play at our online casino and we do not condone underage gambling whatsoever. For more information see our responsible gambling page. We do everything in our power to encourage responsible gambling in our casinos and in our charity work we try to encourage responsible world citizenship.

Our belief that gambling is a personal choice is balanced by the knowledge that personal choices are not always available to those which share our world and we wish to use our charity fund to redress this imbalance. Our aim is to help enrich communities and lives across the world as we do for our happy and loyal customers.