#WinTheJackpot – Charity Campaign

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Our win the jackpot campaign set out to reward some of the most hardworking charitable causes across the globe and we had some very worthwhile nominations! Our prize fund was split three ways: 1st place $5,000, 2nd place $500 and 3rd place $250.

The campaign ran on a voting system, open to the public and each charities supporters. We had a fantastic response with a huge number of votes cast throughout the month, with the results as follows:

In first place scooping the $5,000 jackpot was Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, founded in 2006 the charity is a haven for thousands of abandoned cats and dogs in and around Alberta. Lindsay Black from AARCS was clearly delighted in winning the top prize. 

''We are so thankful that AARCS won the #WinTheJackpot contest! The $5,000 prize will go a long way to help the 300+ animals who are currently in our care! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us!’’

In second place winning $500 was Orang-utan Tropical Peatland Project, OuTroup do vital work in protecting the peatland forests for orangutan and biodiversity conservation.


''OuTrop is delighted to have come second in the AllStarSlots competition. The money will go toward our forest regeneration work to help restore forest burnt in the fires in 2015. Competitions such as this raise awareness of all the worthy charities who participate and we congratulate Alberta Animal Rescue Crew, PETA Asia and all the participants.’’

Claiming third prize of $250 was PETA Asia who strive to protect animals from cruelty and exploitation, Claire Drake from the charity explained the money will be used to support PETA Asia’s spray/neuter campaign in the Philippines.