Voice search - The future of online gambling?

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Voice search, the future of online gambling?

As technology gets ever more sophisticated it presents us with new opportunities to showcase its uses in ways, we never imagined possible. As you may be aware voice search has now become very popular, part of its appeal is convenience, you can search for things on the web without typing, using our voices instead makes searching easier.

No more typing on small keypad or misspelling! It’s not just searches online where voice search has begun to take center stage, the likes of Siri for Apple, Alexa for Amazon and Google home, all provide voice search functions that can give us anything from answers to controlling our lighting in our home. All these services have improved over time and there is no limit to what they could do in the future. 

What does this mean for playing at online casinos? Well voice recognition technology could be the next big thing for slot fans, let’s look at the positives and possible drawbacks. On one hand it provides greater freedom to do more than one thing at a time. Say you’re at home and you really do some housework before friends come over. With voice controls you can play your favorite slot game while doing this or pretty much any other task around the home. By keeping your hands free, using auto spin or saying commands you can make sure you have time to multitask.

One possible drawback we’ve heard concerns about is security, but with your voice only being paired to a device it would be difficult to see how this would be a problem. There could also be some extra checks or limitations to using voice search for depositing and withdrawing, so for now we only really see it being used for selecting and playing games.  

One thing is for sure, technology is only moving forward and in five to ten years’ time we can see the voice activated casino experience being in the majority not the minority.

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