Treasure Tree instant win game

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Treasure Tree Instant Win Game at All Star Slots

There are tons of different types of games out there in the online casino world, and it makes sense that different types of players would flock to them in different ways. The Treasure Tree game at All Star Slots is a good example of Real Time Gaming coming up with an atypical title with a strong visual appeal. This can be considered a hybrid between online scratch offs and online pull tab games, but thinking of it as an instant win game is probably a more straight-forward approach. This game requires no skill, you can earn some pretty significant payouts with it, and it's designed to give players a fun experience.

The Rules of the Game

To start off, you choose a bet size that ranges from $0.25 per play to $25 per play. Once you place your bet, there are a number of spots on the tree in front of you that you'll be able to click to reveal prizes and payouts. There are 20 total spots on the tree, and four of them are red with five yellow and 11 blue. If you get three of the same prize inside of a color group, then you win that prize. However, you can't mix prizes from different colors.

Prizes vary from winning one-half of your bet to winning 500 times your bet, and because you can win multiple prizes on the same play, even the 0.5x payouts can lead to profitable wagers. However, there is a way to win even bigger payouts than this thanks to the free turn’s bonus round. 

Free Turns Bonus Round

Players can earn free plays instead of cash prizes by getting three matching free play amounts inside of the same color. For example, if you have three blue spots that say 25 free games, then that's what you get. The key to the value for the free games is that all of your cash wins are hit with 3x multipliers, and that leads to some pretty impressive wins worth up to a maximum of 1,500x for a single winning combination. That's up there with the jackpots on many of their slots, so it's easy to see how there's a wide enough range of payouts in Treasure Tree for players to get excited.

Having a More Fun Experience

Something that's really cool about this game is that you can buy multiple plays ahead of time to make your experience run smoother. In fact, you can purchase up to 500 different plays on this game at a time. On top of that, there is an auto-reveal option that allows you to reveal all of the spots at one time instead of clicking on them one-by-one. There are 20 different spots to reveal on each play, so it's clear that this will save you some time and some clicking.

With that having been said, this auto-reveal feature ruins things for some players, so it's easy to see why they wouldn't want to use it. The excitement of pulling back each spot and seeing what you have won is a pretty big deal, and many players don't want to ruin that with the auto-play option. No matter how you choose to play, however, this is a game that will keep you on your toes because you never know when you're going to pick up free games or a big cash prize.