Can you make a living playing poker online?

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Tips on how to make a living playing poker

Unlike most casino games, poker involves playing against other people. If you can get enough of an advantage over your opponents to turn a profit after the house takes its share in the form of the rake, then you'll naturally pull a profit. If this is large enough, then you could make a living from the game. What we have here are some tips on how to make a living playing poker coming from someone who did just that from 2006 through 2012.

Tip 1: Learn a variety of games

Making a living at poker is all about being able to maintain your advantage. If you only have a big enough edge to support yourself at one game, then when something changes that drops your advantage in that one situation, you lose the ability to support yourself. Instead of only focusing on no-limit hold'em (for example), work on a variety of games so that you're proficient at a number of them. This will prevent a lot of situations where you lose out on the ability to provide for yourself.