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Scratch Card Games at All Star Slots

The software used at All Star Slots is powered by a company called Realtime Gaming, but don't let the name fool you, because this online casino offers a lot more than slots thanks to RTG. The main things that players tend to like about slots are that the rounds are quick, there are no complicated strategies to learn, and you can win some pretty significant prizes in a single play. All of these advantages can also be found in scratch card games produced by RTG, and there are four of them that we're going to discuss here.

5 Diamond Blackjack

5 Diamond Blackjack is based loosely on a blackjack game, but there is no skill involved, so there's no way to play that's wrong. What you'll see is that there is a dealer hand in the center of the table on the scratch card, and there are five hands around it to be scratched. If you match up one of those hands with the dealer's hand, then you win the prize listed under the hand that you scratched off. There is a good selection of bet sizes available here, and this is a fun game for players who are fans of card games as well.

Hot Dice

Craps fans will probably prefer Hot Dice. The basic premise here is that on each play of this virtual scratch card, you'll get five different sets of dice. For each one that returns a total of seven or eleven, you'll pick up a prize. The prize is based on a multiple of your bet size on the game, and since you have five spots on the card, there are five different chances to win with one of two different totals. This is a cool variation on the idea of dice-based casino games.

Lucky 8's

Lucky 8's is a scratch card game with a progressive jackpot. The basic idea is that you get two different winning numbers and five spots to scratch off to try to match those numbers. There's also a wild lucky horseshoe symbol in this game that basically works like an automatic win. As is the case with the other scratch card titles from All Star Slots, wins are based on a multiple of your bet size, and you can win multiple prizes at the same time. The progressive is triggered at random as well.

Magic 7's

Finally we have Magic 7's. In this game, you get 10 shots per play to try to nail a 7. If you get one, then you get the prize listed with it when you scratch it off. It's a really straight-forward way to play without complicated rules or references to other table games, and that makes it one of the favorites for players who just want some quick action with an opportunity to win some big payouts.

Overall, all four of these scratch card titles are good alternatives to slots if you're the type of player who just wants some quick action without needing to learn any strategic concepts.