Top 10 things not to do when partying in Vegas

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There are seemingly mythical and legendary stories of partying gone wrong in Las Vegas, and you don't want your next party to end up the same way. Here we offer what we believe are the top 10 things you should absolutely never do when partying in the gambling capital of the world.

1. Drink and Drive

There are so many options for public and private transportation in Las Vegas that there is really no reason to ever drink and drive. In fact, so much of the city is right next to each other that, with a little planning before the fact, you can simply walk from destination to destination and back to your hotel room or wherever you are staying.

2. Gamble While under the Influence

Casinos are supposed to throw out guests who are visibly drunk, but you should avoid gambling while under the influence. It's easy to wager more in the moment than you really should, which is a disaster waiting to happen.

3. Only Have Your Debit and Credit Cards

Make sure that you always have some cash on you. This is very helpful for tips and cab rides, especially since many cabs do not have the ability for you to pay using your card.


4. Playing Games You Don't Know

You may feel pressured to play games like poker that you don't know well for more money than you normally would. Avoid the temptation by offering to watch or deal the cards for players if they are enjoying themselves in private and not in a casino.

5. Not Watching Your Drink

If you're drinking, make sure that your drink never leaves your hand. Leaving your drink unattended is a good way to accidentally get drugged, which can lead to some very serious consequences like being robbed or worse.

6. Carrying Too Many Valuables

You should always stay safe and think ahead when partying in Las Vegas, especially if you expect to be under the influence at any point. Make sure that you don't have too many valuables on you so that you aren't at risk of being a juicy target if you have too many drinks while out and about.

7. Not Staying in Groups

Another way to stay safe is to always stay with your group. The longer you are off by yourself, the easier it is to get lost if you aren't familiar with the city, and the easier of a target you can become if you take a wrong turn.

8. Not Knowing Where You're Going

Spend some time getting familiar with a map before you take off. This will give you a general idea of the area you'll be partying in so that, if you do get separated from your group or get lost, you'll be able to find your way back quickly.

9. Not Having Matching Interests

Make sure you go out with people who have the same interests in the city as you. If you all want different things, that's a bad time waiting to happen.

10. Forgetting to Have Fun

Don't lose sight of why you're there in the first place: to have fun. Plan everything out ahead of time, but once you're there, make the most of it and take advantage of all Vegas has to offer.