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A Look at All Star Slots' Video Poker Games

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Players who love poker machines can tell you that the selection of video poker games at All Star Slots is pretty outstanding. Including the multi-hand games, there are over 25 different titles to choose from. When you have this many games available, it might be tricky to pick out which is your best bet and which you should leave alone. We want to help you to make that decision by going through a few of the video poker games available at this online casino.

The Multi-Hand Difference

Something we need to point out here is that the multi-hand versions of the video poker games almost always have less favorable payout tables. That means the single-hand version of a game is almost always going to have a better payout rate than the multi-hand version. This is a part of the Realtime Gaming software that we at All Star Slots have no control over, and our hands are really tied on this one. All this means is that you should stick to the normal, single-hand versions of the game, which most people prefer to play anyway.

At the bottom?

To drive home the point about multi-hand games, consider the fact that the lesser favorited game we have on offer is the multi-hand version of Jacks or Better with a 97.29% payout rate with correct play. Comparatively, the single-hand version has a better payout table that allows a 99.54% payout rate if you play your cards right.
If we ignore any multi-hand games, you will also find, Bonus Poker Deluxe, Double Double Bonus Poker, Joker Poker and Deuces Wild. All of these games pay out less than 99%, and there are definitely better payout rates for other games and easier to master strategies than the wild card games like Deuces Wild.

Your Best Options

The single, most liked video poker game offered at All Star Slots is Aces & Eights. It has a massive payout rate of 99.78%, and the strategies are fairly easy to learn. There aren't many tricky spots to learn, and you can mostly just play a normal, solid game to get a good payout rate. As we mentioned earlier, Jacks or Better also has a high payout rate of 99.54%, and the strategies for it are pretty straight-forward as well.
The other game that rounds out amongst the top games is All American with a 99.60% payout rate with correct play. The catch with this game is that flushes and straights both have a really large payout compared to usual, so you have to change your strategies accordingly. Other than that, it's a really fun game that's great for a change in pace.