sports uniform giveaway

In Competition

Today marks the launch of our free sports uniform campaign and we are encouraging all to take part! Our giveaway is open to running clubs, teams of any sport, including high schools and any other organization in need of new a uniform or equipment.


To enter all you need to do is simply tell us why you feel your club or school is a worthy winner. This can be submitted to us in any form, a video, text, a picture, a poem or any other means you may have at your disposal! So long as it best lets us know why we should pick you ahead of the rest. 

You can be as creative as you like, the more eye catching and unique your entry is the better chance you have of standing out from others taking part. You need to submit your entry to your team/school/club website and then email us a link to it through the contact form here

If you want to participate, or know of someone who may want to get involved please let us know via the contact form.

We will confirm you have entered correctly, and then notify you if you have won!