Win the Jackpot 2019

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Today marks a little over four weeks until the end of our charity giveaway, win the jackpot. This year with have twenty-four charities taking part,   our biggest ever event!

The idea is simple voters are invited to read about each charity and then vote for the one they feel is most deserving of winning the $5,000 top prize. 2nd place gets $500 and third $250. 

This year we have a wide variety of charities taking part, from homeless charities to animal caregivers. To date, we've had a massive 31,807 unique votes, and there is still time for you to affect the outcome! 

If you'd like to have your say on who gets the big prize or would like to promote your favorite charity, head over to our voting page. You can access each profile and vote for the one you feel is most worthy. Be sure to share on Facebook and Twitter to help others cast there vote, every single one counts!