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In our previous blog post we showed you how to play Blackjack and in this post we'll take a look at the handful of different blackjack games are available at All Star Slots. However, not all of them are created equal. The main reason people play blackjack is because they know that the right strategies can help them to maximize their payout rates and increase their chances of coming out as a winner after long sessions. However, a big part of this is choosing the right game to begin with. Picking the right game can help you by giving you a set of rules that are the most favorable with the highest available payout rates and the least difficult strategies to learn.

Regular Blackjack

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The main blackjack game at All Star Slots has a payout rate of about 99.46% with correct play. That's the highest payout rate available of any of the blackjack games, but there's a twist: It's not the easiest game to learn how to play. You'll have to learn a lot of detailed strategy and make no mistakes to achieve that 99.46% payout rate. Not everyone has time to study strategy for hours and hours during their free time to get to this level, but there's another good option.

Enter Pontoon

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Pontoon is a blackjack-style game that has a few different rules that make it stand out. First, there is no up card for the dealer, so you don't get to see either of the dealer's cards. That sounds like a major disadvantage until you find out that you get other rules added that give you some advantages too. For example, if you make a five-card hand without going over 21, then that will beat any hand of four or fewer cards regardless of their total. You also get a higher payout rate for a natural 21 since it's 2:1 in this game instead of 3:2 for the blackjack game listed above.

All of that sounds great, but the most important thing about pontoon at All Star Slots is that it has a high payout rate of 99.35% with correct play, and the strategies are much, much easier to learn. This is actually the game that we recommend for players who want a combination of easy strategies and high payout rates.

Other Available Games

Face Up 21 game logo

A few other blackjack games are available here. Face Up 21 is a fancy name for the common blackjack variant Double Exposure, the payout rate is 99.15%, and the strategies are pretty hard to learn. In fact, they might be the most complicated of any blackjack game at All Star Slots. Perfect Pairs is the same thing as the regular blackjack game, but there's a perfect pairs side bet that you shouldn't take because the payout rate is so low.

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European blackjack is also available with the no-peek rule for blackjack, and the payout rate for this game is 99.37%. It's on the same level of difficulty as regular blackjack, but you have to make the right adjustments strategically to keep your payout rate from falling quickly. Match Play 21 is just Spanish 21, a very complicated and difficult game to learn, under a different name with a payout rate of around 99.19%.

In general, we recommend pontoon for players who are looking for something quick to jump into, but Face Up 21 and Match Play 21 are good for players who are looking for a challenge.